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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advise while Hiring Private Cabs

01 June, 2020

Today when the news is dominated by Coronavirus, we wanted to let you know that we are carefully implementing all the enhanced protocols given by the World Health Organization and Indian Heath Ministry to ensure your safety. Our focus is to ensure we meet customer safety while doing our part to keep you, our employees, and our communities safe.


Staying at HOME in this pandemic must be our first priority unless you have an essential reason to leave the house. But what if you still have to leave the home and without owning a vehicle? Your options are bounded. Public Transit is far more dangerous due to unavoidable distance, which means you have to depend on private rentals.


Health officials says that novel coronavirus is most likely to spread as a result of close contact, such as being directly coughed on or sneezed on by someone with the virus, or being within 6 feet of an infected person for 10 to 15 minutes or longer.


Here are the Tips to Stay Safe in Rental Cars:-


1. Book car for yourself only and don’t carry another passenger with you to avoid any contact.


2. Always wear a mask and carry Sanitizer with you for safety.


3. Avoid touching the car to maximum and always wear gloves if need to touch.


4. Always opt for Digital Payment rather than cash payment.


5. Before budget car rental in Kolkata be sure the car is fully COVID-19 precaution.


Avoid using Public Transport & Hire Private Cabs to Stay Safe


With the virus spreading vigorously all over the world Indian Government had strictly prohibited the use of public transport due to the large number of gathering in them. Government is taking every possible steps for sanitizing the transports but we need to take a step forward for reducing the risk. Hiring Private cabs can help in reducing the risk as we are taking full precautions for customer’s safety and public gathering is also avoided.


Here’s what we’re doing


1. We are enhancing the techniques for cleaning our cars provided for our customers. We are THOROUGHLY SANITIZING every car before and after the car rentals. In particular, we are paying special attention to interior customer touch points such as seats, steering wheels, door handles and other hard surfaces.


2. For the customer’s safety we have loaded our cabs with the facilities to provide SANITIZERS AND FACE MASKS to reduce the risk of CORONAVIRUS transmission.


3. Our COURTEOUS CHAUFFEURS will be always available with covering their faces with FACE MASKS and properly sanitizing their body to reduce the risk of virus.


4. We have provided the facility for DIGITAL PAYMENT to reduce the contact between anyone in the cabs. You can pay digitally in order to avoid the contact with the driver.


During this time, we recognize that flexibility is more important than ever. At CAB RYDERS, you will get the absolute best cars with fully virus precaution facilities to ensure your safety.


We are continuously monitoring this evolving situation and will keep you informed of future updates.


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